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Latest News of Alex Comm

  1. According to instructions of Chairman of the Holding Company of cotton trade – and also Minister of General Public sector, for daily informing of all crisis which facing all companies which is under the authority of the holding company, (Financial, Managerial Marketing, Technical, or personnel crisis).

    According to the above mentioned instructions, Chairman and Managing director of Alexandria commercial co. issued an instruction dated 1/9/2016  to form a committee for crisis management of the company consisted of all heads of the main sectors of the company, where this committee is assigned to follow up all the problems which facing the company whatever it is (Financial, Managerial Marketing, Technical, or personnel crisis) and in case of the failure of that committee to solve the problems in the above mentioned fields, the committee will report it to the Holding company of cotton, spinning, weaving, and Garments, to help in solving the problem.
  2. A meeting of the Normal General Assembly of the holding Company was held in 23rd of October 2016 in its main office in Cairo , leaded by Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Mohamed – Chairman of the Holding company of cotton , spinning , weaving and Garments  - to discuss the financial statement for the financial year 2015/2016.     
  3. We have contracted to import 500 M/Tons of Greek cotton, according to the tender with , El-Wady company – Alexandria commercial co.- Misr company – Eastern Company – El-Delta  for cotton Ginning.
  4. Contracting for importing 250 Tons of Burkini cotton from Burkina Faso is ongoing, and will be done in coming few days.  


Ministry of Agriculture adopts new steratigies
to reform the system of production and distribution of cotton

  • Dr. Abd el-Monem el-Banna Minister of Agriculture emphasized that Egyptian cotton is an important strategic crop for the national economy and the farmers, pointing out that its importance isn't due to its quantity but because that egyptian production of the extra long stable cotton is forming 18% -20% of the world production.
  • That was mentioned in his speech in " Horizons and Challenges of Egyptian cotton planting Conference" with the patronage of Mr.  Prime Minister: Eng. Sherif Ismail, on Monday 27/2/2017, in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Mashhour, Chairman of the Egyptian Assembly of young business men, and Dr. Ahmed Mostafa, Chairman of the holding company of Cotton, ginning, weaving and Garmants.
  • Dr. El-Banna pointed out that the ministry adopted a new strategy for reforming the production and marketing system of Egyptian cotton by continuing hybriding new varieties and , assuring of the genetic purity of the current varieties and upgrading of the gins of the Ministry of Agriculture, in provenses (Sakha , Kafr el-Sheikh, for ginning the breeding cotton of Lower Egypt , and  Sods in Beniswef for ginning breeding cotton of Upper Egypt ), for improvement of the specifications of the seeds and covering the targeted areas with the selected seeds for improving the productivity and quality of cotton.
  • Also Dr. el-Banna explained that the Ministry is working on contracting with the holding company of Cotton , ginning , weaving and Garments, and the other companies to buy the cotton crop from the producers with suitable prices, besides cooperation with the Parliament to review the related laws and legislations cotton production and marketing to criminalize the operating of civil ginners, and preventing cotton transportation between provences and toughtening the penalties upon the offending firms according to law no. 4 of 2015, for forbidding mixing Egyptian cotton varieties with the other foreign cotton varieties.
  • The Minister assured that applying this sterategy will retain the good reputation of the Egyptian cotton worldwide, to return on the top of the quality specifications allover the world , where they agreed to get back the National campaign for the promotion of Egyptian cotton crop for conducting the technical advices to the producers through the guiding system.
  • Also Dr. el-Banna said that this strategy started to be fruitful according to the increase in international demande for the Egyptian cotton where the exporting quantity of the Egyptian cotton quantities in season 2016/2017 till date 20th of January 2017, reached 550,000 (Qantars) around 27,000 Tons to more than 20 countries as (India, Pakistan, Germany, free zones, China, Turkey, Bengladesh, Vietnam), and the exporting operations still ongoing for the current contracts.

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